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Pokemon reveals DLC for their 'Scarlet and Violet' games, including new Pokemon and characters

By John Patrick Magno Ranara Published Feb 28, 2023 4:04 pm

Heads up, Pokémon fans! Just when you thought your journey is over in the new Pokémon games Scarlet and Violet, the video game company announced that your adventure still continues with its upcoming content that includes new characters and creatures.

Announced during the Pokémon Day 2023 Pokémon Presents, the new DLC, called The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, is split into two parts and will have you journeying beyond the game's new Paldea region and meeting new characters and creatures. 

The first part is called The Teal Mask, where you will be visiting the land of Kitakami as part of a school trip. The area is a mountainous region with a village located in the base, filled with "tranquil natural expanses, featuring rice paddies and apple orchards."

"Your trip seems to coincide with a festival regularly held in the village in Kitakami during this season, so the village is bustling with various street vendors and stalls. You’ll meet new friends and Pokémon as you unravel the mysteries behind the folktales that have been passed down in this land," according to the official website of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

The new legendary Pokémon you can encounter in this game is called Ogerpon, a mysterious creature that dons a fearsome mask, as well as three other Pokémon called Okidogi, Munkidori, and Fezandipiti who are regarded as the "Heroes of Kitakami."

Meanwhile, the second part of the expansion is called The Indigo Disk and will take place in the Blueberry Academy, where you will be situated as an exchange student. The academy is extraordinary as it is located under the ocean and its curriculum puts a particular emphasis on Pokémon battling.

"You will take part in classes, interact with the local students, and experience school life in this unusual academy," the website details.

The legendary Pokémon for this part is called Terapagos, which appears to be a turtle with all sorts of mystifying and glittering symbols on its shell.

The Teal Mask will be available sometime in fall (September to November), while The Indigo Disk is slated to release in winter 2023 in the Nintendo eShop. As soon as you make your purchase, you'll be able to unlock new sets of outfits for your character in the game.