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Catch: Lady Gaga's '911' music video—Soviet and surreal!

By Barry Viloria Published Sep 19, 2020 9:12 am

After singing only a snippet at her much-hyped VMA performance with Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga on Friday released the third song off her Chromatica album "911" on YouTube Vevo.

What came out: Surreal, Soviet, shocking.

The video, at 6.2 million views less than a day of upload, begins with the foreboding "Chromatic II" string play—that has previously left fans hanging earlier. "911" then reveals Gaga lying down right smack in the middle of a desert, spilled pomegranates near her feet, just about to wake up from being knocked out unconscious.

But apparently the sweet red fruit only makes a speck of her major homage to the 1969 surrealist Sergei Parajanov film "The Color of Pomegranates." The stoic characters, majestic costumes, and sullen town setting uncannily draws its inspiration from the movie—an avant-garde picture on the 18th-century Armenian poet Sayat-Nova.

"911" delivers the shock in more ways than one later in the video—no, director Tarsem Singh Dhandwar didn't stop with the man banging his head hard on a pillow or a mother cradling a mummy. The video closes with Lady Gaga crying as she gets pierced in the chest with a pointed instrument. The video then shows her waking up to "real" paramedics rescuing her from a massive vehicular collision, with everyone in the formerly fantastical setting now modern day people beset in near-death chaos.

Catch Lady Gaga's "911" music video here!