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‘Better than the cardboard beds:’ Athletes show off their remote-controlled beds in the 2022 Beijing Olympics

By SAAB LARIOSA Published Feb 03, 2022 8:16 pm

This year's Winter Olympics held in Beijing, China is rolling out the panda sheets and adjustable beds — and the athletes are loving it.

A sneak peek of the athlete's hotel rooms came from US Olympic snowboarder Maddie Mastro who shared a series of videos on TikTok showing off the "upgraded" accommodations.

“I think I just realized beds do something. Let’s figure it out,” the athlete said as she showed a remote control that made their beds elevate. The video then shows the adjustable beds folding to wherever Mastro chooses on the remote.

“I’d say this is better than the cardboard beds,” the snowboarder remarked, pertaining to the alleged ‘anti-sex-beds’ during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Last Olympics' alleged "cardboard" beds were a deliberately decision for the structure would be sturdy, despite claims that the decision was made to impede intimacy between the athletes.

@maddie_mastro Upgrades baby upgrades #winterolympics #olympicspirit ♬ original sound - maddie_mastro

In a consecutive video, Mastro showed off the “Main Character” of this year’s Winter Olympics: Bing Dwen Dwen, the giant panda mascot plastered on the pillows and blankets of the bedroom.

According to the 2022 Beijing Olympics website, the giant panda was chosen to embody "the strength and willpower of athletes and will help to promote the Olympic spirit."

In her third video, Mastro is delighted to find out that her Bing Dwen Dwen pillow actually unzips to make an equally comfortable blanket. Following a TikTok comment saying “unzip it, it becomes a blanket!!”, the athlete gets out of bed and shows off the giant comforter.

"It’s a blanket and a pillow. This is genius. No way," she says as she unfolds the pillow to its full size.

Her videos have since garnered almost seven million views over the three clips.

@maddie_mastro Reply to @sy528 YOU ARE JOKING #winterolympics #olympicspirit ♬ original sound - maddie_mastro

Various TikTok users have also grown curious about the other “swag” that athletes get during their Olympics run.

"We need to see the food at Olympic village,” one user said.

"I wanna go to the Olympics just for the swag," another noted.

The Olympics TikTok account also sent their love to the athlete, commenting on her third video: "Enjoy Maddie!”

The 2022 Winter Olympics will run from Feb. 4 to Feb. 20, 2022.