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6 trivia facts you need to know about ‘Nevertheless’ stars Song Kang and Han So Hee

By Camille Santiago Published Jun 23, 2021 4:42 pm

The excitement for Nevertheless is palpable! Aside from it being based on a popular webtoon of the same name, it is also led by two rising stars in Korea: Han So-hee from the World of the Married, and Song Kang, the unofficial “son of Netflix.” 

Nevertheless, directed by Kim Ga-ram, follows the story of two art school students, Yu Na-bi (Han So-hee) and Park Jae-eon (Song Kang), who have opposing stances on love and dating—Na-bi doesn’t trust love but wants to date, while Jae-eon enjoys flirting but thinks dating is a nuisance. Despite this, they end up in a flirty friends-with-benefits relationship.

If you still haven’t seen the first episode, don’t worry, you can still catch up! And for those who still need some convincing, here are some trivia you need to know about Nevertheless.

1. Song Kang tried hard to look like Jae Eon.

To look like his character Jae Eon, Kang went on a diet and lost about 5 kilos. “When I look at Jae Eon, he looks like a nice guy, but he has a very icy cold point and I wanted to make sure that I conveyed this through him. And I thought I wanted to look a little more sharper, so I went on a diet,” Kang said during the press con with Netflix.

2. Han So Hee’s personal artworks are seen in the show.

Like her character, So Hee is also an art student in real life. She revealed that she drew some of the drawings herself and that some of her works in the past are seen in Na Bi’s house. 

Director Kim said, “Soo Hee didn't need to take classes because she is already so good at art. So, the art director was very fond of her because she already knows where to go, what to do. And she's really good with all the [tools] as well.”

3. Kang had to take up art classes.

Jae Eon is a talented and artistic student who works a lot with iron and metals. Kang revealed that he, too, tried to learn metal. “I also dug a little into glass art as well. And I was hooked. I loved it. So, I hope I am trying to take it up as a hobby after we finish creating the series,” he said.

4. So Hee and the other actresses would drink together after work.

So Hee revealed that she had gotten close to the other actors, especially the girls, that they would “grab a few drinks” after shooting their scenes. “And sometimes the next day, we would have to be on set, but our faces would be too swollen because we had drunk so much the night before,” she revealed. “Just being such close friends and creating real friendships with them really contributed a lot to the screen,” So Hee added. 

5. Kang had a “difficult” time acting his character.

Because his character is cold and “doesn't really talk about what he really feels inside,” Kang had  difficulty conveying his emotions. “His anger, his sadness, his happiness, it's not really shown through him. He’s that kind of a character,” he explained.

6. Some scenes are R-rated.

Unlike the usual Korean romcoms, Nevertheless has scenes that may seem a little provocative. But director Kim reminds us that not all R-rated scenes are explicit. “You think it could be something that's very colorful, but it's not really what you think because it's just what 19-year-old people do. And it's something that people below the age of 19 shouldn't watch,” she said.

Nevertheless is now showing on Netflix with new episodes every Sunday.

Photos courtesy of Netflix