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‘Snowdrop’ is ending on Jan. 30 and here are our theories on the K-drama’s finale

By Yoniel Acebuche Published Jan 29, 2022 10:48 am

Will Eun Youngro be able to keep her faith in love that will never be found? 

The 16-episode Snowdrop starring BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Jung Haein is set to end on Sunday, Jan. 30. Set in the 1980s, the period drama revolves around the tumultuous love story of Eun Youngro (Jisoo) and Im Sooho’s (Jung Haein) amid South Korea being under military dictatorship rule. 

As the period drama comes to a close, Youngro and Sooho’s romance, the hostage at Hosu University Dorm, and the upcoming elections still remain as loose ends. So, without further ado, here are our speculations about Snowdrop’s possible ending. 

(Warning: Spoilers ahead) 

What lies beyond One Way Ticket?

One of the highlights of Snowdrop’s first episode features Youngro singing along to One Way Ticket which talks about being apart from someone you love. Perhaps foreshadowing Youngro and Sooho’s possible separation? Since they come from different worlds, there’s a chance they might not end up with each other.

Does a black and white cast poster mean a dark ending?

Prior to Snowdrop’s premiere, a black and white poster featuring the cast gave a peek into its dark storyline. Fans have also been speculating since episode 12 that either Hosu Women University Dorm student head Shin Gyeongja (Jung Yiseo), Youngro’s roommate Ko Hyeryeong (Jung Sinhye), or dorm key keeper Kim Mandong (Kim Jongsoo) is a spy. The three characters are featured on the poster as well.

Will Snowdrop follow Youth of May’s tragic footsteps?

We can’t help but notice the similarities between Snowdrop and Youth of May’s posters—with both K-dramas set in South Korea’s democratic movement. Sadly, the latter’s female lead (who’s not looking at her partner) was killed at the end. With Haein not looking at Jisoo in the former’s poster, does it mean he’ll die as well?

Will Youngro experience her first heartbreak? 


Episode 11 featured Sooho finding out about Youngro’s feelings through a cassette tape. According to Youngro, she fell in love with him from the moment they met at the group date. As a response, Sooho records his own feelings in a tape that left viewers wondering about what he said. Will the tape be a sign of him sacrificing his life for her in the ending? We hope not.

What is Jung Haein’s favorite scene in the K-drama?

A few days before Snowdrop’s premiere, Jung Haein revealed in the drama’s virtual press conference that he accepted the project because of the “unexpected turns” of its ending. “Yes, so first I had my faith in the director and the writer. The storyline is so much fun—that was the biggest thing. The unexpected turns at the story as well as the ending.” 

What does ‘Now and Forever’ mean? 

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One of Haein’s recent Instagram posts showed a musical sheet with the words “Now and Forever.” Hopefully, this is a hint that Youngro and Sooho will tie the knot in the finale. However, the uncertainty between the pair doesn’t point towardsthis theory. What if the post is just the actor possibly recording a track for Snowdrop’s official soundtrack?