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Feeling the rainy day blues? These mellow K-pop songs will boost your mood

By Hannah Mallorca Published Jul 22, 2021 6:59 pm

It’s time to bring out your umbrellas, hoodies, and rain boots as the rainy season is officially here. As the rain taps against your window, it’s normal to feel an overwhelming amount of emotions. 

There’s something about the rain that makes you feel pensive, happy or a mixture of both. In other words, it makes your world more dramatic. This makes you look for certain songs to accompany your mood. 

Experiencing the rainy day blues? We’ve listed down 11 mellow K-pop songs that are perfect for the rainy season. 

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Why Can’t You Love Me by Red Velvet’s Wendy 

“I wish spring rain comes, so I get closer to you in the rain.” There’s something about Why Can’t You Love Me that makes you feel as though you were sitting in a bar during the rain. This R&B track talks about having romantic feelings for a special someone, in hopes of them loving you back. 

Good Night by EXO

For some, the rainy season is the perfect time to dive under the covers. Listening to Good Night feels like receiving a comforting embrace from EXO on a rainy evening. This song is the perfect companion for the season since it’s very calming to the ears.

Cold Rain by 4Minute

If you’re feeling blue, Cold Rain is a song you need to blast on your speakers if you want to release your emotions. This track brings me back to my college days when I was grieving over my first love.

Rain by Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

“When the rain falls, memories make the pain spread.” Here’s another hugot track that’s the perfect companion when you’re nursing a broken heart. Taeyeon sings about the rain as a form of “longing” for a past lover.

Before Our Spring by SHINee’s Jonghyun

It’s been four years since Jonghyun’s untimely passing but music remains his greatest legacy. This track talks about hope for better days, although it has an underlying sadness towards the end.

You, Clouds, Rain by Heize and Shin Jonghae

There are moments when you want to recall significant memories during the rainy season. Perhaps, you can reminisce while listening to You, Clouds, Rain. The inspiration for this jazzy ballad came to Heize as an “unexpected gift” since she was looking at the car window during the rainy season. 

Through the Night by IU

Through the Night is a soft track that will help you get through rainy, sleepless nights. While the track talks about longing for a special someone, it feels like IU is helping you get through the pain.

Forever Rain by BTS’ RM

“I wish it rains all day, ‘cause I’d like someone to cry for me.” Forever Rain is one of the songs that showcase RM’s ability as a songwriter. The indie track talks about the K-pop superstar’s struggle with depression and his fear of change.  

You Were Beautiful by DAY6

If you’ve recently discovered K-pop, you need to check out DAY6. The band’s songs are heartfelt and relatable, almost as if you’re meeting a friend. This track is a must-listen during the rainy season since it talks about a painful memory, with the mindset of someone who wants to move forward.

On Rainy Days by Beast

“I must be drunk, I think I need to stop drinking. Since the rain is falling, I think I might fall as well.” On Rainy Days is a song that should be on your K-pop rainy day playlist. Another hugot-filled track, it talks about the difficulty of getting over a heartbreak. 

Stay Here by Gaho

Listening to this track feels like you’re in a dramatic K-drama where you’re looking for the love of your life under the rain. If you’re longing to confess during the rainy season, this is the perfect song for you.

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