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What EduTok can teach you

By PATRICIA MANARANG Published Feb 10, 2023 5:00 am

Many of us have fallen victim to TikTok’s bottomless pit, especially during this pandemic.

How often has a “quick” scroll turned into an hour of watching videos? It’s too easy to lose track of time on the clock app, and because of that, some people would say that it’s just a mere distraction from our productivity.

There are loads of creators, though, who use TikTok to educate others and share their expertise or knowledge. If you want to turn your mindless scrolling into actual learning, check out these Filipino TikTokers who have been making waves with their educational content.

Lots of TikTok creators have turned to educating their viewers on certain topics like adulting, research, science, and many more.

Miqa Paz (@miqainschool) is a creator who gives helpful tips to students, from what to do when you have to submit a requirement late to how to recite in class. Aside from school-related TikToks, Miqa also dishes out #Adulting advice like how to apply for a driver’s license and what to answer during job interviews.

Anthony Trovela (@anthonytrovela97) makes comprehensive videos on research, where he takes you from the start to the finish of the process. With videos on topics such as choosing the appropriate sample methods for your study, Anthony’s TikToks are a great go-to if you want to learn more about research.

Raymor Cuevas (@raymorcuevas) has so many videos on so many topics; with how vast science is it’s no wonder he’s got his hands full. Starting his TikToks with, “Share ko lang guys,” and “Let me explain something,” Raymor debunks science myths and answers his followers’ questions through thoroughly researched spiels. He was also awarded Top Education Creator from the 2022 TikTok Awards Philippines.

TikTok creators like Alvin Santos and Ayn Bernos teach their viewers about language and grammar.

In his series “Grammarama,” Alvin Santos’ (@pepe_word_smith) breaks down the tricky parts of grammar. He shares this knowledge in easily understandable, bite-sized videos with sprinkles of his own personal life.

Ayn Bernos (@aynperotagalog) answers English-related questions on TikTok in a fun and engaging way, with her audience often asking about confusing sentences found in pop culture and social media. Outside the app, Ayn is also a well-known figure, having competed in Miss Universe Philippines 2021.

Gianna Abao (@gianna.abao) is a creator who gives tips on various subjects, but her TikToks on communication and public speaking are what she’s most known for. By watching Gianna’s videos, you’ll boost your confidence when speaking in front of others or giving speeches.

History is important to learn, especially now. Listen to history-lovers-turned-TikTokers Mona Magno-Veluz and Reb Atadero for your history lessons.

You might have seen Mona Magno-Veluz (@mightymagulang) pop up on your For You Page before. Even outside the app, Mona is an accomplished advocate and experienced professional, serving as the national president of the Autism Society Philippines. On TikTok, she makes highly educational videos on Philippine history and genealogy while promoting the fight against fake news.

Reb Atadero (@rebranger) is another familiar face, especially if you’re a fan of the Ang Huling El Bimbo musical. He makes deep dives into interesting moments in history that aren’t well-known or that he thinks more people should know about. Reb is a professional storyteller, so you’ll never get bored with his TikToks.

Health and Medicine
Arshie Larga and Dr. Kilimanguru are on TikTok to share some health and medicinal advice.

If you have questions about your medicine, Arshie Larga (@arshielife) is the perfect creator for you. Arshie explains the intended uses, side effects, and other information about medication in a way that is understandable to the masses. A licensed pharmacist, Arshie also encourages accessible healthcare knowledge through his videos.

Dr. Winston Kilimanjaro Creones Tiwaquen, aka Dr. Kilimanguru, aka Dr. Char (@dockilimanguru), is well known for his funny yet informative videos on public health. This doctor demystifies different illnesses and other medical beliefs, and has even won the Top Creative Award given by TikTok Philippines in 2021.

Finance and Entrepreneurship
For financial advice, visit the TikTok pages of Bea Laderas and Kia Abrera.

Thinking about starting a business, or maybe getting insurance? Bea Laderas (@thesavvypinay) is a TikToker who gives finance and entrepreneurship advice. Bea’s videos are geared toward young individuals looking to improve their personal finances and early business owners who are still learning the ropes.

Being a creative and an entrepreneur can be difficult to navigate, and Kia Abrera (@kiaabrera) sharing her knowledge on TikTok is a helpful solution for this problem. Kia’s videos also serve as motivation for struggling creatives; she has content that emphasizes taking care of our well-being despite hustle culture. 

Other Interests 

SportsTok is also thriving, and creators like Daniel Bernas (@daniel_bernas) are here to give everyone tips and tricks on certain sports. Daniel specifically makes Arnis TikToks, with videos on Arnis stick movements and drills that aspiring athletes can try. He also won the TikTok PH Top Sports Creator award in 2022, aside from actually being a World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation Champion.

Arah Virtucio (@arahvirtucio) is here for all your pet-related concerns. She’s a recently licensed veterinarian who makes videos on which food is not pet-friendly, what to do when your pet gets certain illnesses, what products are safe to use for your pets, and more. Arah also detailed her veterinary medicine journey on the platform.

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Browsing through the tags #LearnOnTikTok, #EduTok, #LearnItOnTikTok, #tiktokskwela, and #EduWow are just some ways to connect you with educational content on TikTok. Engaging with educational content will make you feel as if you aren’t wasting your time on the app, and it is a great way to expand your knowledge and learn something new. Always remember though to do your research, listen to experts, and cite your sources, just as these TikTokers do!