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LIST: 7 iconic moments that show off BLACKPINK’s Lisa charisma on stage

By Hannah Mallorca Published Jul 12, 2021 10:57 pm Updated Jun 07, 2022 11:52 am

If you’re a K-pop fan who doubts Lalisa Manoban’s stage presence, you are probably blind. 

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is one of the strongest performers in K-pop today. With her jaw-dropping dance skills, fiery rap abilities, eye-catching visuals, and strong charisma, it’s hard to miss her presence when the girl group goes on stage. If you're doubting whether to stan Lalisa Manoban or not, let’s revisit seven iconic moments that show off her abilities as a performer.

Lisa’s Pretty Savage fancam on Music Core

“If you’re mad, stay mad. We’re not alike!” If there’s one BLACKPINK song that describes Lalisa Manoban perfectly, it’s Pretty Savage. The hip-hop-inspired track is the girl group’s badass response to antis—and Lisa embodied it perfectly. Her fiery rap verses and powerful dance moves are enough to prove why she’s the “queen of stage presence.”

Swalla solo stage

You probably live under a rock if you haven’t heard about this iconic stage performance. Lisa broke the internet when she did a dance cover to the song Swalla in BLACKPINK’s “In Your Area” world tour. It was a delight to watch Lisa express her playful and sexy side with this cover. Her solo stage was so famous among K-pop fans that it inspired dancers to share covers of their own.

Lili’s Film #3

Lisa is known for her powerful dance abilities. So, it’s a surprising delight for fans to witness that she can pull off contemporary-inspired styles too. This performance video is mesmerizing to watch since her movements remind us of water. It also shows Lisa’s versatility as a dancer and performer. Give us a Mushroom Chocolate-inspired dance performance, YG!

Lisa’s Kill this Love fancam on Inkigayo

Our runner-up for BLACKPINK song that fits Lisa to a T is Kill this Love. It’s hard to not burst into a fangirl squeal when Lisa raps, “Here I come, kick in the door” with a kick. Another fave part of this fancam is her chemistry with Jennie in the second verse. There’s something about the girl group’s edgier songs that show off Lisa’s strengths as a performer, dancer, and rapper.

L-O-V-E cover with Rosé

Before haters can come at us to say that Lisa can’t sing—she can. She shows off her vocals in a performance of Nat King Cole’s L-O-V-E with Rosé. As soon as she emerges in a schoolgirl-inspired outfit, we can’t help but scream. Lisa sounds like a princess and we hope she can show it more on BLACKPINK’s songs. This cover stage shows why she always aces her monthly evaluation in their trainee days, according to Jennie.

Good Thing and Señorita solo performance

There’s something about Lisa’s movements that feel like she’s not overdoing any movement. She puts the right amount of energy in killing parts and knows where to apply grace and power. This solo performance shows her body control and artistry at its best. If you can’t get enough of Lisa’s performance, make sure to check out this dance practice video. You’re welcome, Blinks!

Lili’s Film [The Movie]

While other K-pop main dancers focus on power, Lisa is someone who tailors her personal style to fit different concepts. The haunting Lili’s Film [The Movie] is a perfect example of her versatility. In this performance film, Lisa doesn’t just dance with her upper and lower body. Her fingertips and facial expressions move seamlessly to the music too. We can’t help but fawn over her face since it feels like she’s acting in a movie as well. A great example of an ideal K-pop performer!

It’s very hard to narrow down Lisa’s iconic moments as a performer to seven. Our runner-ups include Lili’s Film # 2, Lili’s Film # 4, I Like It/Faded/Attention solo, and Lover/Intentions performance.

How excited are you for Lisa's solo debut?