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Sleepyheads wanted: Mattress maker Sonno will pay you P56k to sleep for 8 hours every night

By AYIE LICSI Published Sep 07, 2021 3:14 pm

Employees sleeping on the job are generally frowned upon, if not outrightly reprimanded in the workplace, but mattress company Sonno is on the hunt for a "sleep executive" who will do just that.

Whoever will be selected for the job will get paid 1,500 SGD (or around P56,000) and will be on a sleep mission for 100 nights.

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The job isn't all about snoozing, though. The sleep executive will be asked to sleep continuously for eight hours every night, record and document their sleep journey, and create content about their sleeping habits.

To help with the task, the mattress company will provide a Sonno Sleep Set, which includes a Sonno Queen Original Mattress, two pillows, and a Sonno Bed Sheet set, for the participant to keep.

According to the Sonno website, the sleep executive will help them understand how the pandemic has changed people's sleep.

"We understand that this year has been difficult and sleeping, our favorite thing to do, has been affected as well. That’s why we need your help to share how the pandemic has changed your sleep and how we can help you sleep better. You’ll also be on a mission to help others get more restful sleep too," read the site.

Sonno is looking for sleep executives in Singapore and Malaysia until September 19.