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10 thrilling kissing scenes in Pinoy teleseryes in the past 10 years

By Mica Rodriguez Published Nov 05, 2022 4:46 pm

Filipinos are big fans of teleseryes. Even if Mexican and Korean dramas have invaded our favorite streaming platforms, I am happy to say that our very own Pinoy teleseryes are still thriving and fighting.

In these exciting times where local dramas depicting our history and culture are finally being appreciated by the viewers and high-end concepts are given a chance to be noticed, we as televiewers are the true winners. 

With that being said, Filipinos still love to watch intense drama and romantic series. At times, we channel our frustrations in our daily lives by following these shows especially if the imperfect characters do something we can relate to. 

Though good casting and story are the main components, kissing and love scenes are sometimes needed in order to capture the interest of the audience.  
In the past 10 years, some teleseryes have been noticed by the masses due to iconic romantic scenes that at times seemed too hot for local TV viewing. Interested now? Let us spice up your online browsing with some thrilling kissing scenes from Pinoy teleseryes.

Till I Met You (ABS-CBN): James Reid and Nadine Lustre

Who could ever forget this special car scene from JaDine’s second primetime series Till I Met You? 

James Reid and Nadine Lustre were already a couple in real life when the series was shown. Fans back then were used to seeing the two in pa-tweetums kilig scenes. This time, the couple proved that they’re ready to turn the heat on and accept more mature roles. Doing this scene was their first step in breaking out of the ‘teen couple’ tag. In the episode, Iris (Nadine) and Basti (James) ran away from home and ended up sharing a passionate night together in a car. This sensual scene was executed well and you can really feel the love between the two characters. 

My Special Tatay (GMA): Ken Chan and Rita Daniela

My Special Tatay is probably one of GMA-7’s top afternoon series in the past decade. Our main protagonist Boyet (played by Ken Chan) is an adult with mild intellectual disability who became a young father. He fell in love with an opportunistic prostitute named Aubrey (Rita Daniela). 

In the scene above, Aubrey seduces the innocent Boyet. Although this scene is a bit uncomfortable to watch, we can say that the audience empathized with the two characters. Due to their effective portrayal and well-written character development, the viewers favored Boyet-Aubrey’s love angle despite its twisted beginning. The RitKen tandem was born and is supported by their loyal fans up to this day.  

Someone to Watch Over Me (GMA) – Tom Rodriguez and Lovi Poe

Weddings are always fun to watch in soap operas, yet only a few give a satisfying honeymoon scene where you can feel the love and desire between two characters. Though Kapuso series Someone to Watch Over Me led by Tom Rodriguez and Lovi Poe might be a heavy primetime drama series to watch due to its theme where the husband suffers from the early onset of Alzheimer’s Disease, the first week of the show succeeded in hooking viewers in with TJ and Joanna’s love story. 

In this scene that has reached 106 million views as of this writing, TJ (Tom Rodriguez) and Joanna (Lovi Poe) share a romantic honeymoon. The viewers felt the excitement and tension of the couple's first night together as husband and wife. Add the fact that Tom and Lovi are all out in showing their character’s deep love for each other.  

Ika-6 na Utos – Gabby Concepcion and Ryza Cenon

When the hit afternoon series Ika-6 na Utos started, the viewers were invested primarily because of the lead actress Sunshine Dizon’s dilemma in her personal life. People rooted for Emma (Sunshine Dizon’s character in the show) and hated Georgia (Ryza Cenon) for seducing and stealing her husband Rome (Gabby Concepcion) from her. 

The early weeks of the show were full of intimate scenes between Rome and Georgia without Emma's knowledge. The scene where Rome and Georgia sneak into a restaurant’s comfort room to share a passionate kiss while Emma is waiting in the dining area might be one of the remarkable moments of the show… before it became the campy series the audiences embraced.

Halik (ABS-CBN) – Sam Milby and Yam Concepcion

ABS-CBN’s primetime drama Halik became one of the top-rating shows of 2018. The viewers loved to hate Sam Milby and Yam Concepcion’s characters as Ace and Jade respectively. 

In the earlier part of the series Ace was the aggressive one in pursuing Jade. The catch is they’re both married! 

Ace had a lot of tricks up his sleeves and he was determined to make Jade fall for him. One of the most talked about scenes from the series can be seen in episode 28, where Ace visited Jade at the workplace and started making out with her in the bed displayed as the condominium showroom. The possibility of them getting caught in the act right in the workplace might have made the blood of viewers boil, but I guess that part where they were actually caught by Baste (Ria Atayde) as a client captured the interest of viewers… and made them crave for more "nakaw na sandali."

Alyas Robinhood (GMA) – Dingdong Dantes and Andrea Torres

Now let’s feature a surprise kiss from the action-comedy primetime series Alyas Robinhood! 

In this scene, Pepe (Dingdong Dantes) is being hunted by the police. In order to deceive authorities, Venus (Andrea Torres) makes a scene by kissing Pepe in public. Though he is surprised by his teammate’s sudden intimate kiss, he goes with the flow and kisses her back to the point that the policemen felt awkward and left them alone. The oozing chemistry between Dingdong and Andrea was fun and exciting to watch. They shared more kissing scenes on the show and the viewers actually wanted to see more of their pairing even if they're not a couple in real life. 

Magkaagaw (GMA) – Jeric Gonzales and Sheryl Cruz

In most kabitseryes we’ve seen, the mistress is often a younger woman. This time, the other woman is older and is the love rival of the female lead’s mother! 

Those who grew up in the 80’s to early 90’s always pictured Sheryl Cruz as a sweet lady with a wholesome image. In this afternoon series, Sheryl takes on a braver and liberated role as Veron, the boss of her younger married employee Jio (Jeric Gonzales) whom she eventually seduced. Fans of Sheryl Cruz might have been shocked seeing her share intimate scenes with the actor on almost a weekly basis. One of the standout scenes was when the two sneak up to the rooftop to share a lustful kiss, without knowing that someone is watching them! Can you feel the rush?

All of Me (ABS-CBN) – Albert Martinez and Yen Santos 

If you’re a Kapamilya and you love watching their afternoon dramas, there is a big possibility that you followed Manuel (Albert Martinez) and Lena’s (Yen Santos) complicated love story in All of Me way back in 2015. 

The fantasy romance drama is about a doctor named Manuel who left his promising career and decided to live on an island after his wife passed away. There he meets a younger woman named Lena, whom he later developed a romantic relationship with despite the big age gap. The couple encountered a lot of challenges including Lena marrying someone else and Manuel going back to his younger self. In our featured clip, Manuel and Lena are reunited and their long-delayed honeymoon finally pushes through. Making love on a boat, sharing a passionate kiss as the sun sets, and having a passionate night outdoors alone on an island. How romantic can you get? 

Loving Miss Bridgette (GMA) – Kelvin Miranda and Beauty Gonzales

A newly-annulled school guidance counselor meets a younger good-looking medical student. What could possibly go wrong? 

Last year, GMA-7 launched Stories From The Heart, a drama anthology show that features unusual yet realistic love stories. The program’s first offering is entitled Loving Miss Bridgette starring the then new Kapuso Beauty Gonzalez and she was paired with a younger promising leading man named Kelvin Miranda. This forbidden romance warmed the hearts of many viewers who could relate to the struggles of the blooming relationship between the two. From the get-go, the series was able to get the attention of the viewers due to the undeniable chemistry between Bridgette (Beauty Gonzalez) and Marcus (Kelvin Miranda). Their characters met at a beach party and a steamy night ensued…  

The World Between Us (GMA) – Alden Richards and Jasmine Curtis-Smith

Admit it: You’ve been wanting to see Alden Richards take on more mature roles. After years of playing it safe, GMA-7’s prime leading man finally accepted a project where his acting prowess in the drama department was showcased. Plus he shared a number of romantic scenes with his leading lady Jasmine Curtis-Smith in The World Between Us. 


In this scene, Louie (Alden Richards) proposes to Lia (Jasmine Curtis-Smith). While on an "engagement high," the two spend the night drinking wine, slow dancing, sharing a passionate kiss, and eventually making love. One can feel the eagerness between the two lovers who surpassed a lot of challenges. This is their night! Just watch the clip and you’ll see two people hopelessly in love with each other.

Since Filipinos love the idea of falling in love, kissing and love scenes are important ingredients in making teleseryes interesting. The story leading to that big moment counts too. Which one of the shows mentioned above did you watch?