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Can’t get enough of BTS’ V? Here are 10 songs that prove his soul is as lovely as his voice

By Hannah Mallorca Published Dec 30, 2021 7:32 pm

Let’s be real—Kim Taehyung, also known as BTS’ V, is more than just a handsome face. His husky, velvety voice is the missing ingredient that completes the septet’s iconic discography.

As part of BTS’ vocal line, it’s hard to imagine the seven-member group’s songs without V’s deep voice. There’s something about his vocals that feels so comforting as if you’re coming home after a stressful day. As we celebrate Taehyung’s birthday on Dec. 30, allow us to list down the 10 songs that show off his beautiful voice. 

Sweet Night

Sweet Night, which was composed, produced, and written by V himself, allowed the singer to show off his voice in all its emotive glory. The acoustic, low-tempo ballad is gentle to the ears, yet he managed to let out his sadness effortlessly. Even if this track is part of Itaewon Class’ soundtrack, it felt like V expressed male lead Park Saeroyi’s vulnerability himself. 


This neo-soul track is one for the books since it’s a display of V’s musical style and husky vocals. Stigma is about guilt and internal torment and he embodied its moody atmosphere until the final note. Oh, did we mention that his voice reached the skies on the bridge? A dark-themed song with taccato vocals, spoken lines of dialogue, and impressive falsetto? Definitely eargasmic. 

Intro: Singularity

Dark, moody R&B tracks and V are a match made in heaven—and Intro: Singularity is proof. The song’s jazzy tempo paints a picture of someone who’s drowning, which can be seen in its moments of silence, and he pulled it off without a hitch. The instrumental is muted, allowing V’s smooth vocals to give listeners a haunting atmosphere until the final note. 


Another song that shows off V’s songwriting and composing abilities, Scenery describes the longing for a place, emotion, or a special someone. His voice sounds breathier, perhaps, a stylistic choice, and more emotive—as if he’s holding back his tears.

The song starts off softly until V’s vocal gets louder and more desperate. There’s always something admirable about artists who express their feelings through their voice and V is one of the lucky few. 

Inner Child

Inner Child is the track that screams K-drama as if you can imagine this being played when an episode ends. The song is the epitome of a coming-of-age story as V dedicates it to his younger self. It’s a refreshing change from his neo-soul and R&B style and an opportunity to show his versatility as a vocalist. You can almost hear him smile at his younger self while singing. 

Blue & Grey

It’s hard to find songs about pandemic-induced loneliness that hit close to home yet Blue & Grey made it work. What makes this song more gut-wrenching is that it’s originally composed and written by V for his mixtape

In this acoustic pop ballad, Taehyung expressed his struggle with his mental health on his solo parts—particularly with the line “I just want to be happier.” His soothing voice singing the lyrics “Where’s my angel? I’m sick and tired of everything” feels like a punch to the gut since it’s so raw.

The Truth Untold

A track that shows off BTS’ vocal line, V didn’t disappoint with The Truth Untold. The melancholic song talks about struggling with self-love, and he proved that he’s the master of setting the tone. He starts off softly, almost like a whisper, then hits listeners with his powerful voice at the second chorus. 

Christmas Tree

Fans are overjoyed when V’s return to the K-drama OST scene was announced—and Christmas Tree showed the wait was worth it. The BTS member showed that he can tell stories with his vocals as the OST emphasized the nostalgia of two former lovers. The moment where the instrumental cuts out and it’s just us and his emotive voice is spectacular. 

Spring Day

Spring Day is one of the most unique (and unforgettable) title tracks of BTS where their vocals took center stage. And of course, it’s hard to miss out on V’s powerful and husky voice. The way he expressed his emotions in this track is a stand-out, where you can feel him letting out his longing for someone. The moment where the instrumental mellows and you can hear his “my best friend” is a job well done.