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Preparing for another virtual Christmas? Make sure your internet is holiday-ready, too

By Faith Yuen Wei Ragasa Published Nov 26, 2021 1:43 pm

Planning another virtual party this Christmas? It's not as easy as you think. Before thinking of the party theme, activities and TikTok numbers you and your guests will be performing, make sure you have good internet connectivity first. A reliable internet connection allows you to complete all the other tasks with less hassle.

Here are three things to look for in a good internet service provider:


Your internet connection should be able to make your life more convenient and not give you additional problems such as buffering videos and slow download and upload speeds. 

For a big family that plans to play online games and spend hours in a virtual room, a Fiber internet plan with at least a 100 Mbps speed will definitely make spending time virtually more fun. Subscription plans with speeds up to 800 Mbps would give members the quality time they're look for, albeit virtually. 


The range should reach all parts of your home—no dead spots. Anyone in the family should be able to connect anytime from any part of your home. Your internet provider should be able to provide 100-percent connectivity and speed from every nook and corner of the house. 

As Smart Homes are booming, connectivity all throughout the house is a must. WiFi range reaching your backyard to power up outdoor smart home devices and still allow you to enjoy your streaming, gaming and online activities should be included in your plan’s coverage.

A warranty and support system with flexible adjustments to meet the household’s connectivity needs are also tell-tale signs of a good internet service provider. 


An affordable subscription plan is a must. You don’t want a subscription that offers speedy connection only in certain parts of the house while you pay for connection range. 

Talk about what you and your family need in terms of speed and quality. From there, you will be able to decide which plan fits your needs. Pick the subscription that offers good value for money. It is possible to find a quality provider without paying double the amount of your current plan.

In the country, Converge has got you covered. The premium internet provider recently revamped its FiberX plans to redefine internet standards by offering high bandwidths at the most affordable prices.

From six plans, Converge simplified subscription plans down to three—Plan 1500 with 50Mbps, Plan 2500 with 300Mbps and Plan 3500 with 800Mbps. The best part is that Converge allows current subscribers to upgrade or change plans without additional costs. 

The provider also included the Time of Day offer, which allows residential customers to customize their internet plan, allowing them to experience double the bandwidth at their chosen time of day. This works especially well with work-from-home and e-learning residents who need to maximize their connectivity for a specific portion of the day.

Through its partnership with Linksys Velop routers, the plans include the newly launched Whole Home WiFi Mesh solutions to help you maximize your turbocharged speeds and provide edge-to-edge connection from anywhere in your home.

While nothing beats celebrating Christmas with your loved ones face-to-face, having uninterrupted virtual gatherings is the next best thing. Make sure your internet is holiday-ready so you can enjoy those priceless virtual hugs no matter where you are. 

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