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BTS’ Suga is known for his ‘Midas touch’ among fans. Here are 9 of his best self-written and -produced songs

By Hannah Mallorca Published Mar 10, 2022 2:11 pm

Min Yoongi, also known as BTS’ Suga, is praised by fans for his “Midas touch.” In other words, every song he creates becomes a hit.

Through the years, Suga has been lending his musical talents through chart-topping songs for Korean artists and BTS, of course. The genres of his self-produced and self-written songs vary from rap, R&B, hip-hop, ballads, to dance-pop—yet his unique style shines through.

As Suga welcomes his 29th year in the world, we list down nine of his best self-written and -produced songs. 

We Don’t Talk Together by Heize feat. Giriboy

We Don’t Talk Together is a marriage of ‘90s hip-hop and modern R&B with the use of low-key synths and sad girl lyrics. The chill song features Heize and Giriboy mourning over a relationship lost by lack of communication. The lyrics, which talk about the struggles of moving on from a breakup, are painfully raw as well. 

Eight by IU feat. Suga

What happens if IU and Suga collaborate? A magical self-help track—in the form of Eight—that comforts fans happens. The pop-rock song infused with electric guitars, percussion, and heartbreaking lyrics asks departed loved ones if they are doing well. If the line: “There’s no fixed parting / See you in those beautiful memories” doesn’t make you cry, you probably have a heart of stone.

Let Me Know by BTS

Created by Suga with bandmates RM and J-Hope and producer P-Dogg, the song is an ode to people who are struggling with heartbreak. The star of the hip-hop Let Me Know’s show is the lyrics that talk about crushing pain. It goes beyond the usual “You break my heart” angle to the dramatic “You took away my stars at night, my sun at day / Only leaving me with the darkness of a single cold cloud.” What a mood. 

Eternal Sunshine by Epik High

From ultimate fanboy to lifelong friends, Suga’s relationship with hip-hop trio Epik High has come a long way. So, it’s no surprise that they’ll eventually collaborate on a song. The groovy, record-scratching Eternal Sunshine seems cheerful at first listen, but it’s actually an ode to people struggling with anxiety and depression.

Wine by Suran feat. Changmo 

Who knew a fiery rapper like Suga can produce a sexy, R&B bop like Wine? The smooth, feel-good track is relatable for adults since it talks about reminiscing over precious memories over a sweet glass of wine. 

Suga’s Interlude by Halsey feat. Suga

Suga’s Interlude is proof that artists from different backgrounds can create beautiful music together. Suga takes the reins of the first and second verses, while Halsey’s smooth chorus brings the song together. The track is mellow compared to the artists’ discography but it’s a relaxing change of pace. 

So Far Away by Agust D and Suran

Included in Suga’s solo mixtape Agust D, So Far Away is an underrated bop where his musical talent is on full display. Suran and Suga are the epitome of passion in the track, as they went all out with the fiery raps and vocals—without sounding too crowded. The song is a product of his personal thoughts where he talks about “everything changing too fast.”

Autumn Leaves by BTS

An underrated gem in BTS’ discography—Autumn Leaves is a hidden hit that deserves all the attention. Groovy beats aside, the song’s strength lies in its narrative. Suga writes about the desperation of holding on to something that we’re meant to lose. 

Song Request by Lee Sora feat. Suga 

Yup, Suga can produce a hard-hitting ballad too. Song Request is a collaborative track between the BTS superstar, balladeer Lee Sora, and Epik High’s Tablo that talks about finding comfort in times of pain. The lyrics can be read like a heartfelt conversation between the persona and an unidentified person as they open up about how they cope with grief.