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Sharon Cuneta reveals her top secrets to her 85-pound weight loss

By Brooke Villanueva Published Mar 28, 2022 6:52 pm

Sharon Cuneta has been a fitspiration to her followers ever since she kicked off her journey to good health and body love in January 2016—one that used to be “on and off,” or even “more off than on,” as she put it honestly in a previous Instagram post.

The actress only decided to get serious with weight loss when she started seeing progress on the scale and fitting into her clothes. In a recent interview with Dr. Aivee Teo, she has since lost around 80-85 pounds. “Beauty is a sacrifice,” she noted. “Give it six months to a year. I wish I did not take six years.”

How did she do it? Here are some of her top tips and secrets, aside from the H2 injections and slimming pen she had from Dr. Aivee. 

Train your tummy 

“I know this because I went through it. If you eat little by little, your tummy will get used to the less amount that your eat,” she said, as the dermatologist and aesthetic specialist agreed with her. “The moment you feel full and stop, your tummy will get used to it. Take care of it.” 

Eat slowly and enjoy the food

Sharon learned that it takes about 20 minutes to know you’re actually full. “You have to wait, eat slowly, enjoy your food, 20 minutes, it will reach your brain. I’m so used to it,” she added. 

Have small frequent meals

“You know what, I eat like six times a day, very little, like appetizer sizes. Kasi that’s all I need.” 

You don’t have to finish the whole thing

One thing she discovered during her weight loss journey is that “the more I deprived myself before, the more I would binge.” In order to successfully follow this, it’s important to change your mindset. “I love lechon, but what I like in lechon? Actually, only the skin. And I remove the fat. So it’s really just a little of it and okay na. I don’t even look for it. No more,” she explained, adding that such has also been the case for sweets. 

Juices > food 

After sharing that she drinks more than she eats, Dr. Aivee said it’s a good idea as the body can digest faster. Sharon said she particularly loves cream of mushroom soup, which she usually enjoys with only two slices of bread.

Don’t crash diet 

“The more I crash dieted, the rebound was worse because I would love ten pounds on crash dieting and I would gain 20. So I learned that I basically destroyed my metabolism so I had to bring it back to normal,” the megastar recalled.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate 

“That’s the secret—you also feel full,” added Sharon. 

Just start 

“Don’t even move first. Don’t workout muna pero lessen your food,” she suggested. “If you do it that way, you will see the results. The minute you see the scale going like this pababa, ‘wag mo nang pakawalan. That’s motivation. That’s what happened to me.”

To sum it all up, the singer-actress said it’s all about being “very disciplined,” knowing how to trust the process, and doing it for your health. “Enjoy yourself because you only live once but also remember that life is short,” she mused. 

“I regret that throughout my 40s, I was fat. I lost a decade, and if only I could take that decade back, I would be able to do so many things. If only I could take it back now, I would do so much more—but better late than ever.”

“Even if you’re older than me, it is never too late to get healthy,” she concluded.