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Inka Magnaye on why she hasn't traveled out of the country before: 'These are expenses I can't justify'

By AYIE LICSI Published Oct 19, 2022 8:40 pm

Inka Magnaye is a relatable, practical queen and we're living for it.

One of the influencer/voice-over actress' followers on TikTok was surprised that she hasn't traveled out of the country before after she posted a video of her first international travel experience.

"Hindi ako makapaniwala first time mo lang sa plane kasi ang galing mo mag English tsaka mukha kang mayaman na afford magtravel," the commenter wrote.

Magnaye shut this down, telling the person to not judge others' lives based on what they look like. Her answer was something a lot of practical Pinoys could probably relate to.

"Why haven't I traveled before? I can't afford it. Every time I think about traveling, it sounds so much fun, but then I think about plane tickets, accommodations, food, pocket money for whatever I need, transportation, and pasalubong."

As much as she knows flying elsewhere for a vacation would be good for her, she said it was "expenses I couldn't justify on my own."

@inkamagnaye Replying to @Raichell Cunanan ♬ original sound - Inka Magnaye

The content creator is currently in Singapore for a work trip sponsored by its tourism board.

"The way I think of it kasi is the plane tickets to and from would be my rent, my food, and accommodations alone for that trip would be my groceries. Transportation, pocket money—those things can go to my bills," the voice actress continued.

She added that she had that mindset because of the hardships her family faced growing up. In a previous TikTok, she detailed about how her parents' business was lost in a fire and because her family couldn't afford to send her to school, Magnaye homeschooled.

@inkamagnaye Replying to @Vianne ♬ original sound - Inka Magnaye

"I think that happening to me made me hyper-aware of these responsibilities that I now have as an adult," the TikToker said.

On top of her current bills, Magnaye thinks about saving up for her future and emergencies. "I really can't afford to travel, I hardly even go shopping," she revealed.

Tipid travel tips

Currently, Magnaye works as a freelancer without a regular salary coming in. Instead of splurging on travels abroad, she seeks out different spots locally to visit.

"When I travel to the beach, especially pre-pandemic, I would always carpool with my friends para hati-hati sa gas. We would also look for camping spots so it's way cheaper than booking a hotel."

In the comments section of her video, users applauded Magnaye for being practical.

"Thankful for this. This is a gentle reminder na it is okay na di makipagsabayan sa iba, soon my time will come at ako naman makakapagtravel," one user said.

"Ganyan talaga pag adulting na. Balancing everything as much as possible. Ganyan din ako," another wrote.