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Chris Hemsworth on 'Extraction 2' and how he prepared for the jaw-dropping action scenes

By Camille Santiago Published Jun 07, 2023 7:26 pm

In case you haven't heard yet, Chris Hemsworth is back for more action as he reprises his role in Extraction 2.

During the press conference for the Netflix film held last June 5 at Conrad Manila, Chris promised more mind-blowing stunts in the sequel, including a scene where Chris was set on fire and another that had a helicopter land on a moving train.

“This is even bigger and larger and a lot more exciting,” he said.

“There are larger risks as well. You know, I was on top of the train. The train was moving at what speed—but it was, it was terrifying. But I think we all knew, you know, the elevated risk was going to give us an elevated reward, performance, and effect,” the Australian actor added.

Chris Hemsworth and Sam Hargrave

The film’s director and stunt coordinator Sam Hargrave, who also joined Chris at the Manila premiere, said that the team has “really pushed the envelope” this time by doing a ‘oner’ for 21 minutes and seven seconds.

“It takes a lot of preparation as we rehearsed for three to four months to get all the elements in place. The experience is as if we have one shot because we have so many different elements and moving parts literally like trains and helicopters. So we have to break it up into small pieces, so it feels like it's one intimate shot,” Sam shared.

Talking about their fitness routine, Chris admitted that his body isn’t like it used to be.

Chris Hemsworth

“It hurts a bit more. I remember my 20s doing things and not even warming up and just kind of, you know, you smash yourself around and like ‘Yeah, no worries,’ and all you want to do is just impress the stunt coordinator, the director, head-first in everything,” the 39-year-old actor said.

“It's the sort of fear of letting someone down and just kind of being so ready to do whatever anyone said because you are so thankful for the job, and you do some silly things. So now, you’re just speaking up when you know there could be a better way of doing things,” he added.

For his part, Sam joked that he had no choice but to keep up with the lead star, and later impressed the press that he had to carry a piece of heavy equipment while shooting.

Director Sam Hargrave

Extraction 2 fan meet

“Physically, he's running all around the set, and I had to keep up with the camera. So it's actually a little heavier,” he said, grinning.

When asked what made him want to work with Chris again, the director noted that it’s because Chris makes his job easier.

“Working with somebody as talented and hardworking as Chris, we look at each other and ask ‘How can we push each other to do something that will be proud of in 10 years from now?’ and then try to make it something memorable for the fans,” Sam said.

“[It] makes my job a lot easier when you have somebody inspiring you and helping lead the way. So it's always a pleasure to work with Chris.”

Extraction 2 premieres on Netflix this July 16.