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LIST: Filipino celebrities who have consulted with feng shui experts

By John Patrick Magno Ranara Published Jan 19, 2023 5:01 pm

When Filipinos hear the term "feng shui," some would probably think of the 2004 Kris Aquino horror flick. However, the true definition of feng shui does not pertain to a cursed bagua mirror killing people, but rather, it's about the practice of arranging the pieces in living spaces to create balance with the natural world.

Many celebrities have shared that they have consulted with feng shui experts on how to decorate and arrange their homes so as to help positive energy to flow freely in their interior spaces, as well as to help cleanse their bodies, souls, minds. 

Here are some famous faces who have consulted with experts of the Chinese traditional practice for some luck in ther homes:

Rodjun Cruz and Dianne Medina

In an episode of Mars Pa More back in 2020, Rodjun Cruz and his wife Dianne Medina gave their fans a virtual look at their stunning modern home and shared that they had sought advice feng shui expert Johnson Chua on how to arrange their home sweet home.

During the consultation, Johnson said that their house being situated in a corner lot is an excellent location as that meant that they would be getting natural light from two directions, which would then boost energy in their space.

He also commended their decision to use earth tones for the colors in their house's exterior as they are both born under fire signs in the Chinese astrology. As people under this type of sign are typically active and exhaust themselves quite easily, surrounding themselves in earth tones will help balance out their dynamic energy.

Ruffa Gutierrez

Ruffa Gutierrez is also no newbie to the practice of feng shui as she often uses it to guide her in making important decisions, according to feng shui master Marites Allen.

In her testimony posted on Marites' website, Ruffa shared that she would just follow her gut feeling when it comes to crossroads in her life and career, until she met Marites.

"I wasn't really a big fan of feng shui before I met Marites Allen. I would usually just follow my instinct. But then I met Marites, and it was destiny and now I truly follow the Almanac and Marites' guidance at some of my contract signings and choices of our home layout before and after their contruction both in Dasma and White Plains and my Makati unit," Ruffa said.

She added, "She also does the annual feng shui updates for me and my home, and of course everything is from God, but I also believe that it helps. It creates positive energy so walang mawawala kaya sinusundan ko naman."

Luis Manzano

Luis Manzano is also a client of Marites. In fact, it seems that he's the most enthusiastic one of all as the celebrity feng shui master previously revealed that the actor would rearrange his house every single month and would consult with her on where and when to move around the cures and enhancers that she had installed in his home.

Manzano also left a testimony of his own on Marites' website, writing, "Ms. Marites made me understand feng shui better and it was also an honor to have her in my home to inspect and tell me what kind of flow or luck my first house may bring. I never fail to check her book if the next month will be good or not so good, so I can plan everything I have to do in advance."

Kim Chiu

Being of Chinese-Filipino descent, Kim Chiu is quite open to her practice of feng shui, having shared in a past YouTube video that it is a tradition of hers every Chinese New Year to seek the opinion of various feng shui experts regarding her fate for the next few months. 

One of her consultants is Hanz, who Kim shared has been a feng shui master of her family for several years now.

Some of the other preparations of her family during this special occassion is filling up their prosperity basket as according to feng shui practice, an overloaded one symbolizes wealth and prosperity and assures a constant inflow of money. She also charges her horse statues, figurines, and other feng shui enhancers with the smoke of sandalwood incense to enhance her luck.

Kris Aquino

Surprise, surprise—who would've thought that the Queen of All Media is also a client of the Philippine Feng Shui Queen? It sounds a bit ironic, considering Kris' character in her 2004 classic horror flick was left traumatized by the horrifying powers of the cursed bagua mirror.

Aside from consulting with Marites on matters of arranging her home and schedules of her contract signings, Kris also shared that she used feng shui on the political campaign of her late brother and former president Benigno Aquino III.

"Importante talaga ang time of birth (para sa destiny analysis). Super hinanap namin talaga ang birth certificate ni P-Noy kasi wala, my mom had just died. Nobody could remember kung anong oras siya pinanganak. But it was so important to find out what time, because that would signify which day to announce kung kailan siya tatakbo, the time he should fill up. So thank God, nahagilap sa Manila. Kaya yun ang dahilan, 'yun, nanalo," she explained.