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Heart Evangelista gives van tour of her spruced up Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

By John Patrick Magno Ranara Published Sep 23, 2022 11:28 am

Heart Evangelista is known for being the embodiment of class and luxury, as seen from her taste in fashion and houses. Her signature style even reflects on her very own van, which she has customized to become pretty much a hotel on wheels.

In her latest YouTube vlog, Heart decided to spice things up and talk about something else other than her exquisite apparel, specifically her so-called pimped out "fourth home".

On the outside, it may look like an ordinary Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, but don't let appearances fool you as Heart had it customized by Primera Klasse, in collaboration with fashion designer and former racer, Mark Bumgarner, into the van of her dreams. Or as she puts it, "the van na nakaka-artista".

The 37-year-old actress shared that she always loved vans because of her line of work, which most of the times left her exhausted.

"I've always loved having vans because of the nature of my work. We always have long hour hours, from 4 am sometimes to 12 noon the next day. Growing up in showbiz, that's how it was," she said.

Although the set had tents, Heart confessed that she was always shy to mingle with a lot of people and that's why she opted to have a van to give herself her own space where she could relax in comfort.

"[My van] came in different versions but I feel like this would be one of my best vans because it is the more mature van, I would say. It's actually a collaboration with my good friend Mark Bumgarner and Primera Klasse. They really did everything for me because Mark knows me so well, so all of my needs, all of the necessities are here," Heart said.

After an exhausting day on the set, the spruced-up van offers an instantly relaxing space for Heart with its galaxy ceiling that lets her play around with the colors and a mini television and a DVD player where she can watch her favorite shows.

There's even refrigerator and a hidden table to eat meals.

But it's not over yet as Heart showed that the van has its own living room area at the back, complete with a sofa with some pillows, a wide vanity mirror, and a drawer for keeping make-up.

"We wanted it to feel like you were actually traveling, like you're on the plane. We wanted to maximize this space, you have all of the stuff you need," Heart said.

Of course, her home on the road just wouldn't be complete without a close to store her stunning OOTDs. Heart said that the van had been installed with its own mini closet, where she keeps some of her shoes and jackets in case she needed to go somewhere.

She ended her van tour by demonstrating the features of the van's luxurious seats, including hi-tech massage chairs with built-in heating to keep her feeling warm and cozy as she tends to get cold easily.

"This [van] was very essential for me. I start work at three in the morning. We're usually on the road by 4:35, so for my glam team and the people that I work with, we do work a lot and we wanted to make sure that we have at least eight hours of sleep, so this was definitely something that I needed," Heart said.