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Being a Christian and a K-pop fan at the same time is totally okay

By Hannah Mallorca Published Aug 07, 2022 7:02 pm

When an outsider thinks of K-pop fans, they automatically think of crazed teens who worship their idols, dedicate their lives to something they “don’t understand,” and waste their money on “useless things.” 

A now-deleted Facebook post about this went viral just recently, which falls under the same category, too. The Internet user claimed that K-pop fans are fake worshippers of God since they serve “two masters” instead of one. They’re adulterers and “half-Christian, half K-pop lovers.” In his own words, it seems that the Hallyu wave is some sort of cult that many get trapped into.

Thirteen years ago, K-pop and K-drama came to me as a gift from the Lord. That was the time when I’ve been aware of Matthew 6:24 and 1 John 2:15-17 after listening to His messages. In many evangelical churches, there is always that term “idolatry” when it comes to being a music, entertainment, fashion, travel, beauty, and Hallyu junkie, but it’s always a polarizing discussion when it comes to drawing the line. 

K-pop is no different. Growing up, I’ve been told to be genuine in my walk with God. But for many Christians like that netizen, K-pop is seen as a distraction. I spent my youth hiding my love for Hallyu since I was bullied for it. And the so-called “worldliness” was one of the many reasons why. 

Even the words “K-pop idol” have been seen as a “red flag” for some as it’s the root word of idolatry. But then, it’s just a technical term that’s part of Hallyu culture. 

But how does one become a true Christian? Isn’t a true Christian defined as someone who sees God as their personal Lord and savior? 

Matthew 22:37-40 says you should love the Lord with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. No man or no object must come close. But if you flip through the pages of the Bible, nothing has been said against supporting K-pop idols or being a fan of a certain artist. 

In evangelical churches, Born Again Christians are supposed to worship the Lord and spread His word with love. We’re also tasked to love thy neighbor as ourselves. But to lump all K-pop fans as “fake believers” is a hasty generalization and unknowingly, turns people away from God. And many Christian organizations wonder why many atheists and agnostics exist.

The Bible never said being a K-pop fan is a sin. Supporting our favorite idols, groups, singers, and even actors is not the same as our love for God. If I do say so myself, the FB user's post has no biblical basis that determines what it means to be a genuine Christian. Only God has the right to set the standards of what it means to be one. 

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not uncommon for certain fans to tread unhealthy territory where they view K-pop as their source of existence and approach sasaeng behavior. It’s the responsibility of a Christian K-pop fan to draw the line between admiration and obsession. K-pop idols are not gods or mythical beings, but it’s not the job of fellow believers to shove biblical truths to their faces. Remember Colossians 3:21? Don’t provoke children to anger, so they won’t be discouraged. 

The netizen clarified his post a few days later, yet his statement is a deliberate attempt of twisting the backlash of his previous post against them. The damage has been done, and I hope his heart will be opened at the right time. There are many Christian K-pop fans out there. You just need to know where to look.

Besides, if being a Christian K-pop fan is a sin, then the Lord shouldn’t have blessed me with a career related to Hallyu. Yet here I am.